Flipazoo Tan Puppy Flip Box Surprise! Unbox and Flip for a Surprise! Includes Plush Flipazoo,

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Details: Put a smile on the face of your little ones with FlipaZoo Surprise Box Party Pack! These FlipaZoo toys magically transform from one animal to another, making it the perfect reversible animals for kids to use as pillow for naptime, plush buddy at summer camps, and travel buddy for family trips. Parents and teachers can also use FlipaZoo pets as birthday party gifts and carnival game prizes. Make the most out of your little one's birthday party with this lovely FlipaZoo Flip Box Surprise! The mystery plush animal toy flips into 1 of 6 party animal surprises and comes in a colorful box full of surprises that makes it the perfect birthday gift for boys and girls. Ideal plush zoo animals for your kids to unbox and collect them all. Every kid who loves playing with stuffed zoo animal toys will be thrilled to unbox and discover a lovely surprise Flipazoo Mystery Plush Animal. With lots of surprises inside, it's the perfect unboxing stuffed zoo plush animal box for boys and girls. Just unbox the Tan Puppy dog plush and flip it to find a mystery stuffed animal that your little one will love to hug and cuddle. The FlipaZoo Surprise Party Box and all the items inside are made with high-quality, resistant, durable, and child-friendly materials that are meant to give your kids endless hours of fun as they unbox and discover the surprise toy plush. There are 6 different plush stuffed animals your kids can collect and turn them into their favorite cuddle buddy. Includes 1 FlipaZoo Flip Box Surprise that comes with 1 Tan Puppy Reversible Plush Toy puppy for kids to unbox and discover. The Flipazoo stuffed animal also comes with a surprise party pack that includes a hat, collar, charm, stickers, sunglasses, bowl, and leash. The FlipaZoo reversible animal plush measures 7 inches approximately. There are 6 different animals to unbox, find, and collect. Recommended surprise stuffed Tan Puppy dog for kids ages 3 and older.

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