Galatians: Breakaway to Freedom (Heart Stealers Bible Study)

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Author: Sarah L. Howell

Edition: Student/Stdy Gde

Number Of Pages: 144

Publisher: AMG Publishers




In Galatians: Breakaway to Freedom, you will journey through Paul's book of freedom with today's most popular musicians as your guide. This six-week study will take you verse-by-verse through the book of Galatians while highlighting a different secular artist each week.

Learn how "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson parallels the life of the apostle Paul during his pursuit of spiritual freedom. Be challenged to breakaway to freedom with the assistance of legendary band, U2. Discover how to breakaway from doubt with the help of Christ Martin of Coldplay. Be empowered to breakaway from the ordinary through  the song, "Anything but Ordinary" by Avril Lavigne. be inspired to breakaway from legalism through the life story of country music star, Tim McGraw. And in the end, the life-changing words of Galatians will not only offer you freedom, they will enable you to understand how liberty in Christ affords us glimpses of God in the most unusual places.

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Release Date: 01-09-2006

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