Kawada NBC-122 Kawada Nano Block Sloth (NBC-122) Building Kit

  • $11.50

Brand: Nanoblock


  • Body size: 5 x 9 x 9cm
  • From 12-year-old age
  • With instructions

Details: Enjoy the nano block new product handy mini collection series, for light users mini collection series. I was reproduced as much as possible the figure hanging on the tree. ● Difficulty: 2 ● assembly instructions ■ Size 50 12 years of age or older (width) x 88 (height) x 90 (back) mm ■ Material ABS ■ Age [nanoblock and (nano-block) is? Potch of one is a block of ultra-mini size of the world's smallest class of 4mm x 4mm slightly] nanoblock. It is a feature of the biggest can be fabricated to a small part that could not be reproduced, of course, smaller, is able to make a cute work in blocks of general size taking advantage of its small size.

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