Kuroba Octoboss Action Figure, Pink

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Brand: Kuroba


  • Collectible Creatures with a Twist. Kuroba is a new way to challenge your friends to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Select your strategy and battle or train with your own Practice Cube!
  • Set includes a collectible Octoboss character cube, Octoboss collectible gem, and a Kuroba Practice Cube.
  • Practice your Kuroba Keeper skills and send Octoboss into battle!
  • From the Water Kuro Tribe, Octoboss abilities include numerous water skills, both traversing and creating waterfalls, waves and more. Their dexterous tentacles can do anything from shooting water to doing french braids, and they are quick learners. They have no concept of irony and take everything quite literally. When things feel too serious, Octoboss becomes a tickle monster and brings out everyone's silly side!
  • Their tentatcles form like hoses and can be used as jetpacks by their Keepers. Octoboss can expand like a giant water bubble.
  • Choose your strategy and go head to head with other Kuroba Keepers

Publisher: Playmates Toys

Details: Kuroba Training Packs are a new and unique way to challenge your friends to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors! Pick your favorite Kuroba Character and send it into battle against other Kuroba Keepers. By choosing your battle strategy, you can slide your Kuroba creatures towards each other and watch as one captures the other! Remember, Rock will always defeat Scissors, but not Paper! Which strategy will you choose? Kuroba, related characters, and licensed article TM and copyright 2018 Sutikki LLC. Manufactured under license from BOTI Global Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending.

EAN: 43377623557

Release Date: 04-07-2018

UPC: 43377623557

Package Dimensions: 8.9 x 7.1 x 2.6 inches