Kuroba! Octoboss Practice Cube Training Pack

  • $10.00

Kuroba! Octoboss & Practice Cube Training Pack

Playmates. Collectible Creatures with a Twist. Kuroba is a new way to play rock, paper, scissors! Select your play strategy and battle with your friends or train with your own practice cube! From the Water Kuro Tribe, Octoboss abilities include numerous water skills, both traversing and creating waterfalls, waves and more. Their dexterous tentacles can do anything from shooting water to doing french braids, and they are quick learners. They have no concept of irony and take everything quite literally. When things feel too serious, Octoboss becomes a tickle monster and brings out everyone's silly side! Tentatcles form like hoses. Can expand like a water bubble. Also can be used as jetpacks by their Keepers.