O.M.G! Jurassic Dinosaur 5 Surprise Dino Egg Both Educational and Fun Filled with Puzzles, Figures, Slime, Fossils and More!

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Brand: OMG! Mystery

Color: Non-personalized Mystery Dino Egg


  • 🦖 CHANNEL A CHILD’S LOVE FOR SCIENCE - It’s so easy these days for boys and girls to decide science isn’t “cool.” Make the subject fun again with golden eggs loaded with pre-history and discovery.
  • 🦖 AN ADVENTURE IN EACH EGG - Your little explorer will anticipate the chance to dig into dinosaur exploration when they open an egg. It is small enough to be easily carried around your own Jurassic Park.
  • 🦖 TICKLES THE IMAGINATION - Playtime isn’t over when the treasures are discovered, as every egg comes packed with its own awesome dino action figure to keep kids playing and using their brilliant minds.
  • 🦖 DEVELOPS FINE MOTOR SKILLS - What child doesn’t want to dig for their own dinosaur fossils? Engage their inner paleontologist and let them discover what their hands can do. They’ll also get to hatch a baby dino!
  • 🦖 AMAZING GIFT OPTION FOR EVERY OCCASION - Birthday coming up? Holiday season? No problem. The OMG! Mystery Dino Hatching Play Egg is an egg-cellent choice of gift that keeps on giving!

Publisher: OMG! Mystery

Details: Tired of your kids staring at other kids on TV playing with toys?

As technology becomes ever-more coveted by the youngsters of today, they're beginning to lack interest in toys especially designed to engage their love of science and history. But playtime doesn't have to be designated to a screen.

For instance, the love for dinosaurs in our children is a passion as old as time. Why not give them the experience of cracking open a prehistoric egg full of Jurassic joy? Or have a dinosaur-themed birthday, which just isn't the same without the wonder of true exploration and your child's very own dinosaur egg.

No need to find a museum to explore paleontology. You can bring the dinos to you through the O.M.G! Mystery Dino Egg!

These eggs take the mystery out of the museum and allow your child to tear into the Jurassic era with all the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas! Layers of gifts are inside, just waiting to be discovered.

The size of each egg allows for extended playtime. When your kids pull their own popular dinosaur action figure from the egg, they can treat it like a little baby. And the fun keeps on growing until they reach the hatchable egg within. That's when they get to watch the wonder of a little dino escaping its birthplace.

Oh, and if puzzles aren't exactly your kid's "thing," fret not. Our 3D Dinosaur Puzzle will give your child's engineering skills a boost for an endless playtime!

Each mystery egg is loaded with:
🥚 Educational Fact Sheet about dinosaurs
🥚 One popular dinosaur action figure, a new dino in every egg
🥚 Dinosaur fossils for your paleontologist to dig and discover
🥚 Bonus egg your child can hatch himself in water
🥚 3-Dimensional dinosaur puzzle
🥚 Dino slime, mini-figurines and stickers!

Time to step up your Dino-Game. Add an O.M.G! Mystery Dino Egg to you cart TODAY!

Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.1 x 5.1 inches